2017 Reading Goals

I know it’s already February and probably a little late to be sharing my 2017 reading goals, but I was in a such reading slump in January. I just couldn’t get into any book that I picked up. So I decided to spend some time thinking about why I love reading and appreciate what books mean to me.

Reading GoalsReading Goals

I grew up surrounded by books. Mum was a huge reader and our living room had a floor to ceiling bookshelf on almost every wall. She was always reading and from an early age she encouraged me too as well. I loved to escape into the other worlds. I remember spending hours browsing her bookshelves trying to choose my next read and asking her for recommendations. Growing up I read a lot of Stephen King and V.C Andrews and always read for enjoyment. I was that kid at school that always read the book for english instead of watching the movie version. Some of my favourite school books were The Outsiders – S.E Hinton, Journey of 1000 miles – Ian Strachan and To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee. I don’t have a book collection like my mums yet, but one day my dream home will have a reading room 🙂

As I got older I had less time to read. I’d go through phases where I wouldn’t pick up a book for months, even a year. Then other times I would do almost nothing but read. Over the last few years I decided to set myself goals and spend more time reading, because it really does bring me joy. Especially when I light my favourite library scented candle and get lost in the stories. But I spent too much time listening to people tell me that what I was reading wasn’t intellectual enough or not well written. So I tried to read the books I felt I “should” be reading. I’ve always told myself that if I start a book I have to finish it. Even if I’m not enjoying it. So I would spend months trying to read the same book or not reading at all.

Setting new goals

After reflecting on how happy books make me I’ve decided to ignore all that and I’ve come up with new reading goals for 2017;

  1. Read for enjoyment!
  2. Don’t finish a book if I’m not into it
  3. Read 30 books this year

Reading GoalsReading Goals

My to read pile is already stacked quite high (nearly as tall as my puppy!). There are a few books in it that I’m really looking forward to reading.

The first one I’m starting with though is The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend – Katrina Bivald. It was an impulse buy at the bookstore the other day but I felt like it was a really fitting way to start my 2017 reading. It’s about a Swedish women who has a great love of books. She moves from Sweden to a small town in another country and sets up a bookstore. Plus it has the most beautiful cover! I haven’t checked the reviews it gets and I’m not going to. Right now I’m excited to make a cuppa, light my candle and get started on this book.

Reading Goals

Whilst I do that, if you’re a book lover, what are your reading goals for 2017? What do books and reading mean to you? Check out my Goodreads profile if you’re interested and I wish you all a happy reading year!

Cheers, Jess