Travelling Without Plans has it’s Rewards

Day 7 – Germany to France via Luxembourg

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was dark by the time we arrived at our accommodation. It was also still raining and getting late, so we couldn’t see very much of where we were staying. When we woke up the next morning though, this was the view from our window…. It was so beautiful, it looked like something out of a fairy tale!

Amazing summer adventure

After breakfast, it was time for us to get back on the road. Our aim was to visit Luxembourg (mostly to add a new country to our ‘been there’ maps!) and then head on to France. We didn’t have any accommodation booked in France yet, the plan was to see what time we left Luxembourg and then choose a destination.

After consulting TripAdvisor we decided to make a quick stop in a little German town called Trier. Where we wandered through the town square, jumped around in front of cool old doors, ate more pretzels and found a punnet of the yummiest blueberries ever. (Sorry, no photos, we ate them too fast!)

Then on to Luxembourg. Once we got there, we realised that we didn’t really know anything about it and all we could see so far, seemed like a business district. So we consulted TripAdvisor again and found a walk that was supposed to have amazing views. It was a beautiful walk around the old part of town, with lots of hills, and it was a seriously hot day!

Amazing summer adventureAmazing summer adventureAmazing summer adventure

After the walk we left Luxembourg for our next destination, which we decided was a little French town called Epinal. My first impressions of this part of France were a little underwhelming. Everything seemed grey and not what I’d pictured French towns to be like. We did do a little exploring and had some amazing kebabs for dinner though.

Day 8 & 9 – France: Epinal to Dijon to Chamonix Provence with an exciting impromptu stop 🙂

The next morning on our hunt for coffee, we found a local market that had the most amazing croissants. Then it was time to head to Dijon. Dijon was a really cute little town, and of course whilst we were there I had to buy some mustard. I just didn’t realise how many different types there were! After finally deciding which mustard to get it was time to move on. We drove south for another few hours, stopping to explore a few towns on the way, before finding a hotel to spend the night. The next day we were supposed to be going to Chamonix, but after checking the weather forecast we decided to change our plans. The forecast for Chamonix for the next couple of days was meant to be overcast and cold, so we had another look on the map and decided to head towards Provence instead.

Amazing summer adventure
Amazing summer adventure Amazing summer adventure Amazing summer adventure

The next morning, on our way towards Provence we decided to stop at the first town we drove through to get some breakfast. The town was called Chalon-sur-Saône and they were hosting a huge international performance art festival! We were having so much fun that we actually ended up spending most of the day there 🙂

Impromptu Impromptu Impromptu Impromptu

After all the impromptu excitement of the day, I was ready to relax. We had an amazing B&B booked for the next two nights and I was looking forward to laying by the pool, eating lots of cheese and bread and sampling some local wines 🙂

To read all about it, check back soon.

Cheers, Jess