Graffiti Wall of Fame – Stockholm

Last weekend, the family and I went to look at some of Stockholm’s amazing graffiti art. Just outside of the city there’s an industrial area dedicated to providing graffiti/street artists with the space to legally exhibit their artwork. Each Spring the area hosts the largest street art festival in the Nordics. Held over three days, artists come from all over Sweden and other parts of Europe to completely transform the area. Continue reading “Graffiti Wall of Fame – Stockholm”

Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves on the Ground

“In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found. Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves… on the ground” – Billy Talent

That song gets stuck in my head every Autumn. Seriously, for years it’s been on loop every time I go outside. Anyway, now that it’s officially winter here in Stockholm, I’m taking a minute to look back at what a beautiful Autumn it was 🙂

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Snow Cannons turn Stockholm into a Winter Wonderland

Last week Stockholm turned into a winter wonderland a little earlier than I expected. More snow fell on Thursday than any other November day for more than 111 years! This was caused by lake-effect snow, when a cold air mass moved across the Baltic Sea. I prefer the Swedish term though, Snökanon, which directly translates to English as Snow Canons 🙂

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