Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm

Going to see the Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto, Japan has always been on my bucket list. So when I moved to Stockholm and heard that there’s an amazing display right here, I was excited. Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm! I couldn’t wait to check them out.In 1998, Japan donated 63 Cherry Blossom trees to King Carl XVI. They were planted in Kungsträdgården (Swedish for the King’s Garden) in the centre of Stockholm. Every Spring they delight both tourists and locals by creating a beautiful blooming boulevard. After a long, cold and dark winter, it’s so nice to see the crowds gathering under the blossoms, enjoying some sun and the burst of colour. Depending on the weather the best time to visit is mid to late April, but be quick. They only bloom for a few short weeks.

Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm

Timing my visit

As soon as I saw the first (albeit fleeting) glimpses of Spring I was on the lookout for the blossoms. Thankfully they are very Instagrammable! Without even having to step out of the house I could see when it was time to head down and check them out for myself.

Since moving out of the city I’ve realised that there are plenty of blossoms in other areas too. I see them when I’m out walking the puppy, and I can enjoy them without the crowds. Having said that though, there’s an atmosphere in Kungsträdgården that is definitely worth experiencing. As I got closer, I became even more excited and stepping underneath the canopy was like time had stopped and the city on the outside disappeared.

Chess under the Cherry Blossoms

I’ll definitely be going back next year and I’m also not taking Kyoto off my bucket list. The blossoms here in Stockholm are so beautiful, that I can only imagine how much more impressive it will be to experience amongst the Japanese culture.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen the Cherry Blossoms either here in Stockholm or in Japan. I’d love to hear about it!

Cheers, Jess