Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves on the Ground

“In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found. Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves… on the ground” – Billy Talent

That song gets stuck in my head every Autumn. Seriously, for years it’s been on loop every time I go outside. Anyway, now that it’s officially winter here in Stockholm, I’m taking a minute to look back at what a beautiful Autumn it was 🙂


What I love most about autumn

I’m sure that I’ve said it before, but Autumn really is my favourite season. The colours, the smells, the cosy feeling, it makes me feels so happy! I love how crisp and fresh the air is. And for me, it feels so nice to ditch my summer clothes and start rugging up. Outfits with boots and scarves and jackets are my favourite. I love feeling all rugged up and cosy. The start of Autumn here in Stockholm is cold enough to really layer up, but still be able to enjoy being outside. It’s also the start of soup season! It feels like every cafe has a daily soup on the menu and they are all delicious.


Cooper also loved his first Autumn. There were so many leaves for him to go crazy in and at times the piles were bigger than him. I think he loves the smell of Autumn as much as I do, and his coat perfectly matches the fallen leaves!


Unfortunately it just goes so fast. I do feel like it’s the shortest season here. Summer also lasted well into the start of Autumn this year and then Winter came early. I’ve learnt to spend every moment I can enjoying Autumn whilst it’s here. Till next year Autumn!

But for now, it’s time to light some candles and embrace the darkness of winter in Sweden.

Cheers, Jess