Getting into the Christmas Spirit in Stockholm

It’s Christmas time!!!

The weather has turned icy and grey. I can’t go outside without a jacket, beanie and gloves and it’s dark by 3pm. That can only mean one thing… it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit!

I’ve always loved Christmas, who doesn’t! But now that I’m living away from home and in the northern hemisphere, I’ve got a newfound love for it. Growing up in Australia, I’ve always dreamed of a white Christmas. I watched Christmas movies where people played in the snow, made snowmen, drank hot chocolates and wore Christmas jumpers. There are plenty of Christmas lights to look at, but because of daylight savings we have to wait until 9pm to see them properly.

Christmas Spirit

In Australia we don’t usually have real Christmas trees. They don’t last very long in the heat. So being able to choose a real tree was so much fun! There’s something so nice and festive about the smell of pine needles at Christmas.

Christmas spirit

Christmas festivities – Ice Skating and Christmas markets

Another amazing advantage of Christmas in the northern hemisphere is being able to ice skate in the city! I don’t know why but it just seems so festive to me. There are a number of really pretty ice skating rinks around the city for everyone to enjoy.

Warming up by a street fire after wandering the Christmas markets is one of my favourite things to do at this time of the year. There are some great Christmas markets in and around Stockholm. I love to browse the stalls of handmade toys and lollies with the smell of the candied almonds and mulled wine filling the air.

When I’m full of almonds and it’s time to get out of the cold, I like to warm up with a flavoured coffee in a festive take away cup. Espresso House do the yummiest Christmas coffee and I love to have one a day all through December.

christmas shopping

Christmas shopping is also a little more enjoyable when it’s not 30 degrees. You can rug up in cosy clothes and when it gets dark the lights start sparkling. The shops all decorate their windows and play carols. They really know how to get everyone into the Christmas spirit!

light up the city

This season has taken on a whole new childlike magic now that it’s dark by 3pm. I can enjoy the Christmas lights for so much longer. The city really goes all out decorating, there are so many beautiful Christmas lights to look at.

NK christmas windows

Just like the Myer windows I’m used to back home, the NK department store puts on an amazing display. I really enjoyed taking some time out of my shopping to wander along with the other families.

I feel so much more festive this year than I have in a long time. Maybe it’s because I get to experience the best of both worlds. I got to enjoy the lead up in Stockholm, but I’ll be spending Christmas in Melbourne. I’m hoping for hot days, the smell of the BBQ, trips to the beach and plenty of cold beer. Stay tuned to see how I enjoy my Aussie Christmas.

Cheers, Jess