First Long Weekend

After we’d been in Stockholm for about 5 weeks we were lucky enough to be invited to the South of Sweden for our first long weekend away. By then we’d shaken off the jet lag and were beginning to adjust to the loooong daylight hours. At this time of the year the sun is out for about 18 hours a day!

We had started to settle into the Stockholm city lifestyle and the apartment was nearly set up, thankfully! We’d already done 4 trips to Ikea and spent many hours building flat packs, so we were ready to check out the quiet Swedish countryside for a few days. Our weekend destination was Eriksberg, which is about 540km south of Stockholm and a 55 minute flight on a very small plane. I get really nervous flying, as you can see by the look on my face 🙂 Luckily Giordie is great at holding my hand!

First long weekend
Feeling a little nervous about this small plane!

Thankfully it was well worth it. After a busy couple of months packing and moving and unpacking again it was the perfect quiet and relaxing weekend we all needed. The air in Eriksberg was fresh and clean and the countryside was so green. At Eriksberg Vilt & Natur (Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve) you can drive your car through the park safari style and check out the local wildlife. We enjoyed it so much we ended up doing it twice.

time to relax

We took it pretty easy all weekend, just sipping tea, reading books and watching the wildlife from the sunny deck. On our way back to the airport we stopped at a little waterfront cafe. This is where we had our first taste of Bakad potatis med Skagenröra (Baked potatoes with Skagenrora). Which is this amazing shrimp mayonnaise mix which I am now totally in love with.

First long weekend
My first Skagenröra – and I’m hooked!

For me this was the perfect start to our Swedish adventure. And most of all I felt very rested by the time we got back to Stockholm.

Cheers, Jess