A quick weekend trip overseas!

At the end of July last year we decided to get away for a weekend. One of the perks of living in Europe now is that we can easily go overseas for the weekend! I was so excited that in the same time as a flight from Melbourne to Sydney (just over an hour) I could fly from Stockholm to Copenhagen.

Daniel had been to Denmark before, however Giordie and I hadn’t. We were looking forward to adding a new country to our ‘been there’ maps and exploring somewhere new. We set off on our first overseas adventure since moving to Sweden on the Friday afternoon. Our plan was to take an afternoon flight, catch the train into central and then head out for a late dinner. All was going well, until our flight got cancelled and we couldn’t get another one until late that night. Our quick flight overseas ended up turning into a nine hour journey and our dinner venue was the airport! So the weekend may not have started out exactly as we planned. But once we got to Copenhagen we had an amazing time 🙂

let the weekend begin!

Our first stop the next morning was to Torvehallerne for breakfast and coffee. Torvehallerne is a food hall in Copenhagen with over 60 stands of fresh produce, herbs, spices, bakeries, cafes and more. I’d heard good things about the cinnamon buns and they did not disappoint. Unfortunately we ate them all before we took any photos! We had no specific plans or agenda for our weekend in Copenhagen other than to wander and explore. So that is what we set off to do. It’s an easy city to navigate and is full of colour, street art and laneways. In a way it reminded me a little bit of Melbourne.

As we were walking around we found The Round Tower and decided to head up to the top to check out the view. The Round Tower was built in the 17th century and to get to the top you have to walk up a steep spiral walkway. It was a lot of fun peeking out all the windows on the way up, and the view at the top was worth it.

Amazing view, even on a dark and cloudy day

sunday funday with bubbles

The next day we set off nice and early. Partly because we were heading home that afternoon, but mostly because the church next to our apartment started ringing it’s bells at 7 for about an hour! So after we went back to Torvehallerne for more cinnamon buns and amazing coffee from The Coffee Collective, we headed towards Strøget to check out the shops and atmosphere. Strøget is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets, lined for about 1km, with both budget and designer shops and everything in between. It was bustling with tourists, locals, buskers and street performers. One busker was making giant bubbles for the crowd. The highlight for me was the look on a little girls face as her dad held her up in the air to try to touch one.

Love the joy on this little girls face
Love, Love, Love
Some of my favourite thins - bookshops and bikes
Red, Red, Red

Even though our weekend didn’t start smoothly and we hardly got any sleep due to the city noise near the apartment, we all had an amazing weekend. I loved Copenhagen and all it’s quirkiness and it is definitely somewhere I will be going back to one day! Even if only to get a good photo of the cinnamon buns 🙂

Cheers, Jess