Stockholm’s Best Kanelbullar

October 4th is Kanelbullar Dag in Sweden. A Kanelbullar for those who aren’t familiar with the Swedish pastry, is the most delicious Cinnamon Bun ever! Since moving here two years ago I have eaten plenty of these bad boys and I never get sick of them. I’ve tried many other popular Swedish pastries and deserts, but I always come back to the Kanelbullar as my favourite. Which got me thinking, which one is my favourite, and do other people agree? So to answer this question, I turned to google to find out which one others thought was the best in town. Some I had tried and others I hadn’t yet. So in order to make an informed decision I set out to try each one on the list. I now have a new favourite, a review of the ones I tried, and a few extra kilos 🙂

According to my google research most reviews vote either the Cafe Saturnus or the Vetekatten Kanelbullar as the best. I did tried one from Vetekatten (see below), but unfortunately I didn’t make it to Saturnus. So you might need to try that one yourself. But maybe take a friend and share that one, because I’ve heard it is huge!

On to my reviews…

Bullar & Bröd

Located at Valhallavägen 65, is Bullar & Bröd (Buns and Bread). This one didn’t come up in any of my google searches. Instead I found it just by walking past one day a few weeks ago. I’d had lunch there previously and loved it, so I thought now was a good time to try their Kanelbullar. This bun was super soft and sticky. It had the perfect mix of buttery goodness and sweetness for me and didn’t have too much cardamom. It went perfectly with the oat milk chai latte I ordered as well. For me, this was a standout and my new favourite!

Johan & Nyström

Next I visited Johan & Nyströms new cafe at Norrlandsgatan 20, in Ostermalm. This was my first visit to this cafe as I normally go to their Södermalm location. The new cafe is big and bright and looks like a great spot to catch up with people. This bun is a little harder on the outside but super soft and sticky on the inside. Which is just the way I like it. But it did have a little too much cardamom for my liking.



Lillebrors on Rörstrandsgatan 12, in Vasastan was a must visit. Their freshly bakes breads are amazing and it had been a long time since I’d had a bun from there. The flavours of this bun were delicious. The perfect blend of cinnamon and cardamom and nice and buttery. But this was the least sweet of all the buns I tried and also wasn’t as soft as I like it. It was still delicious though and I highly recommend dropping past and picking something up if you are in the area.


Systrarna Andersson

Just around the corner in Vasastan, at Karlbergsvägen 45 is Systrarna Andersson. A really cosy cafe with a great selection of breads, pastries and lunches. This is one of my favourite breakfast spots for Swedish style breakfast and a great place to sit with your laptop or a good book. This time though I picked one up to enjoy at home. It was really nice and sweet with lots of pearl sugar on top. It has a little more cardamom than some of the others, but not so much that it was overpowering. It’s also a little crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.



My last visit was to Vetekatten at Kungsgatan 55. Here I picked up both a traditional Kanelbulle and one of their Blueberry and Vanilla buns. I’d heard such good things about the buns here which is why I saved it for last. Unfortunately this was my least favourite. The flavours were really nice, but it was a little too dry for my tastes. This just goes to show how different individual opinions are! The Blueberry and Vanilla bun on the other hand was so soft and sticky and absolutely delicious. Vetekatten is also where my favourite Princess Cake comes from.


So there you have it. Just a few of the Kanelbullar around town and my personal opinions of them. I just want to add a disclaimer here, that I am by no means a food critic or qualified at all in this area. I just know what I like and thought I’d share some of my opinions with you. Maybe if you are in Stockholm for Kanelbullar Dag this might help you decide where to visit 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you would like to see more like this!

Cheers, Jess