Three Days in Bergen, Norway

2017 was a quiet year for us in terms of travel. Other than a few small local getaways over the summer, we didn’t go anywhere. So at the end of October, we kick-started our travelling again with a quick trip to Bergen, Norway.

I knew before we got there that Bergen is one of the rainiest places in all of Europe. And of course, everything I wanted to do involved being outside! So instead of changing my plans, I packed wet weather gear, crossed my fingers and kept an eye on the weather forecast. Luckily the weather gods were on my side. It did rain two out of the three days we were there, but we managed to time our activities perfectly and only got rained on a few times. Continue reading “Three Days in Bergen, Norway”

Stockholm’s Best Kanelbullar

October 4th is Kanelbullar Dag in Sweden. A Kanelbullar for those who aren’t familiar with the Swedish pastry, is the most delicious Cinnamon Bun ever! Since moving here two years ago I have eaten plenty of these bad boys and I never get sick of them. I’ve tried many other popular Swedish pastries and deserts, but I always come back to the Kanelbullar as my favourite. Which got me thinking, which one is my favourite, and do other people agree? So to answer this question, I turned to google to find out which one others thought was the best in town. Some I had tried and others I hadn’t yet. So in order to make an informed decision I set out to try each one on the list. I now have a new favourite, a review of the ones I tried, and a few extra kilos 🙂 Continue reading “Stockholm’s Best Kanelbullar”

Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves on the Ground

“In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found. Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves… on the ground” – Billy Talent

That song gets stuck in my head every Autumn. Seriously, for years it’s been on loop every time I go outside. Anyway, now that it’s officially winter here in Stockholm, I’m taking a minute to look back at what a beautiful Autumn it was 🙂

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Höstlov – Reminiscing about Utö

It’s Höstlov here in Sweden this week, which is the Autumn break for schools. Whilst most people I know are heading out of Stockholm to warmer destinations, I’ve really been enjoying Autumn here in town and it’s had me reminiscing about what we were doing this time last year….

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