2018 – Let’s do this!

Happy New Year!

2018 is here! And I’m ready for it 🙂

I’ve never really been consistent or dedicated when it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions. Then last year I heard a lot of talk about scrapping resolutions and going with goals instead. So I decided to give that a go. But, to be honest that didn’t really work for me either. Instead of setting resolutions I tried to set goals that were perhaps a little too far out of reach, or that I wasn’t really that committed to achieving. Continue reading “2018 – Let’s do this!”

Three Days in Bergen, Norway

2017 was a quiet year for us in terms of travel. Other than a few small local getaways over the summer, we didn’t go anywhere. So at the end of October, we kick-started our travelling again with a quick trip to Bergen, Norway.

I knew before we got there that Bergen is one of the rainiest places in all of Europe. And of course, everything I wanted to do involved being outside! So instead of changing my plans, I packed wet weather gear, crossed my fingers and kept an eye on the weather forecast. Luckily the weather gods were on my side. It did rain two out of the three days we were there, but we managed to time our activities perfectly and only got rained on a few times. Continue reading “Three Days in Bergen, Norway”

Warming up in Spain

We had survived our first winter in Stockholm 🙂 But by the end of February the thought of not having to wear my winter jacket and feeling the sun on my skin was enticing. So at the first chance we had we jumped on a plane and headed to Spain! I’d been to Seville with my mum back in 1992, but Daniel and Giordie had never been before. They were both able to add a new country to their ‘been there’ maps!

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A quick weekend trip overseas!

At the end of July last year we decided to get away for a weekend. One of the perks of living in Europe now is that we can easily go overseas for the weekend! I was so excited that in the same time as a flight from Melbourne to Sydney (just over an hour) I could fly from Stockholm to Copenhagen.

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