“Oh the places you’ll go” – Dr. Seuss

    I was lucky enough to be introduced to travelling by my mum at a young age. Our first trip together was to Vanuatu when I was 9 years old. I still remember so much of that trip. Including the stuffed Kangaroo that she bought for me at the airport to celebrate our first overseas holiday together. You know, I think I still have it somewhere! I can vividly remember the smell of the active volcano we climbed and flying between islands on a tiny plane, sitting next to a man with a chicken on his lap! What I loved the most though was experiencing a completely different culture. Trying new foods, listening to people speaking another language, learning about the history and seeing how the locals live now.

    The following year mum and I went to Portugal and I knew then that I was hooked. To be able to experience all the new smells, colours, tastes and sounds was something I wanted to keep doing. Since then I’ve been able to do more travelling, but my ‘to visit’ list is still so much longer than my ‘been there’ list. That’s exciting though, as it means I still have many more travel adventures to go on.

    Now that we are living in Stockholm so many places have become more accessible. Growing up in Australia, Europe always seemed so far away (probably because it is!) I never thought I’d be able to see much of it without a lot of long flights over a lot of years. These days I travel with my amazing family and I’m so grateful to be able to watch my daughter love the sights and smells of a new culture as much as I do. Here’s to many more adventures, laughs and good times ahead 🙂